Instructions for connecting your iPhone, iPad, or Android with the TRACK.RS system


  1. Install Traccar Client app (Apple or Android).
  2. In the app settings, set Server Address to, and Frequency to 60.
  3. Send us your device identifier.
  4. Test the connection.
Please do not wait until 5 minutes before your event to set up your phone tracker!
1. Install the Traccar Client app from the Apple App Store (for iPhone or iPad) or the Google Play Store (for Android).

Traccar is an open-source, third-party GPS tracking app for smartphones. For more information, see

2a. Open the Traccar Client app and adjust the settings as follows:

2b. If using an iPhone, please go to your general iPhone settings > Privacy > Location Services, and ensure that location services for Traccar Client is set to "Always."
3. Send us your 6-digit device identifier, via this form. You will receive an email confirmation when your device has been registered.
4. When you receive the email confirmation, test the connection at The test page will indicate whether the connection is successful. If it's not follow the troubleshooting steps.
5. Once you've confirmed the connection at, feel free to switch off the Traccar Client app.
6. When your event begins (or just before), activate tracking by pressing the Service Status switch in the Traccar Client app.
7. When your event is finished, feel free to uninstall the Traccar Client app.

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