Advanced Adventure Tracking

TRACK.RS: a universal GPS tracking system for endurance sports, on land or at sea.

Bring your epic journeys to life with beautiful maps, informative analytics, and live weather data.

  • Marathon swims
  • Ultra runs & rides
  • Distance paddling
  • Sailing
Compatible with:
  • SPOT Satellite Messenger
  • DeLorme InReach
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android phones & tablets

How does it work?

  1. Obtain a compatible device such as a SPOT Tracker (or smartphone with continuous cellular data coverage).
  2. Register your event details and choose a TRACK.RS service tier.
  3. We'll link your device with the TRACK.RS system, and set up your personal tracking page.
  4. Share your page with family, friends, and fans.
  5. Go do your thing!


Interactive Maps

Powered by Leaflet.js
EC track
  • "Smart" trackpoint display - hide extraneous pre-start / post-finish data
  • View route line (intended path)
  • Adjustable trackpoint frequency
  • Automatic refresh when new data is available

Distance & Speed Analytics

Powered by R
Card image
  • Distance covered & remaining
  • Estimated time to finish
  • Speed plots: visualize the ebbs & flows of your adventure
  • Statistical smoothing: see the signal within the noise

Weather Conditions

Card image
  • Real-time local weather data
  • Air temp, water temp, wind speed, & wave height
  • Plots of recent trends in the weather

Service Tiers


  • Cost: $5*
  • Generic TRACK.RS URL - e.g.,
  • Tracking page available at least 24 hours before & after your event.
  • Event may be promoted on our public event schedule and social media.


  • Cost: $10*
  • Choose your own URL - e.g.,
  • Tracking page available at least 30 days after your event.
  • Raw data available after your event, by request (CSV format).


  • Cost: $20*
  • Same features as Custom tier, plus:
  • Zero Publicity: No public event schedules, no social media. Share your event only with the people you want to see it.

Multi-Participant Events

  • Need to track multiple participants simultaneously? TRACK.RS can do that too.
  • Contact us for a quote.

* Fees in USD, plus PayPal transaction fees (2.9% + $0.30)

* Prices for continuous events with a single start and finish.
Discounts available for multi-stage swims but please contact us for a quote.

Register an Event

Compatible Devices


spot tracker

TRACK.RS links seamlessly with your SPOT Gen2 or Gen3 satellite messenger, and replaces your Shared Page.

* Requires active SPOT service plan.


delorme inreach

TRACK.RS is compatible with the DeLorme InReach family of satellite messengers (SE or Explorer), and replaces your DeLorme MapShare page.

* Requires active DeLorme service plan.

iPhone / iPad

ipad iphone

For urban adventures with continuous cellular data coverage, TRACK.RS can link in to an app on your iPhone or iPad.


android tablet phone

Android users, we've got you covered, too! The same caveat applies: You must have continuous cellular data coverage for the duration of your event.