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Advanced Adventure Tracking

Customizable GPS tracking system for endurance sports, on land or at sea.


Interactive Maps

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Distance & Speed Analytics

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Weather Conditions

Via NOAA Data BuoysWhere available

Compatible Devices


Links with any SPOT Gen2, Gen3, Gen4, SPOT-X, or Trace satellite messenger, and replaces your SPOT Shared Page.

* Requires active SPOT data subscription.

Garmin inReach

Links with any Garmin inReach satellite messenger, and replaces your Garmin Shared Page.

* Requires active Garmin data subscription.

Apple & Android Phones

Links with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device via the Traccar GPS Tracking System.

* Requires continuous cellular data coverage in the location of your event.

Marine AIS

Links with maritime AIS transponders.

* Requires your vessel to be equipped with an AIS Class A or Class B transponder. Search via



  • Customizable URL - e.g.,
  • Customizable route path
  • Page remains live for at least one year, or until deletion request.
  • Raw tracking data (CSV format) on request.

Individual Tracking

  • Using SPOT or Garmin device: $12
  • Using Apple or Android device: $20
  • Using Marine AIS: $20

Note: MSF Premium members are eligible for free tracking.

  • Private event (zero publicity): $5.
  • Multi-day event (longer than 48 hours): $5.

Group/Race Tracking

Group Tracking displays multiple individuals on the same course, using any combination of devices - including participants’ own phones.

Pricing is based on number of participants who will be tracked. For details, see the Group Tracking page or contact us to inquire further.

Questions? Please contact us.